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Collection of Privacy Information
This site is operated by Mitsuwa Chemical Co.,Ltd. We will not sell, share, or rent any of the information to third party, except by the method disclosed in this Privacy Policy. We collect your name, company name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., from the entry in various forms for inquiries or application about our services. These privacy information that we have collected is only used under your consensus, whenever it is needed for us to provide the service, or when you are inquiring about our services.
Usage of Collected Information
Privacy information collected will be used to provide our service to you.
Log Files
We are using the IP address to collect a wide range of demographic information to analyze the trend of usage of this site, management of the site, detection of the user trends, and other collective usages. IP address will not be linked to any individual specific information.
This site includes some links to external sites, but there is no sharing of privacy information.
Always refer to the Privacy Policies of the linked websites for the collection of privacy information performed at the linked websites.
This site is managed in the dedicated server with a security system, doing our best to prevent illegal external accesses and leakage of the information.
We will not disclose privacy information to the third party without consent from the individual. But if there is legal request from court, police, consumer center, or any organization with similar authority, we will disclose the information accordingly.
Updating of Privacy Policy
We will publicize any change to this Privacy Policy on this site. You will be able to understand the collection and usage of the privacy information by keeping the Privacy Policy up to date on the site. Please check the Privacy Policy periodically. Also, if there is any change on the usage of the privacy information from the time it was collected, it will be disclosed on the site.