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Integrated production from development to mass production.

To better understand our integrated production, we have generated "Development Flowchart" and "Production Flowchart".


Development Flowchart

1. Planning and Order Intake

Realize clients' needs truthfully

● Pursue short turn around and high quality by "integrated production"
High quality products are supplied in short turn around in both domestic and overseas bases.
● Constructive proposals from the planning phase
Specification and cost to fulfill clients' requirement will be proposed constructively by partnering with manufacturers on selection of materials used (molding materials, paints, etc.).
● Prompt response on environmental research
"Environmental load material research" for client will be performed promptly based on customer demand, such as JAMA, JAMP, IMDS.

2. Design and Production of Molds

Proposal of mold shape and structure
considering the productivity

● Communication with document by issuing "Mold, Product
Specification" (Initial Management Chart)
"Initial Management Chart" will be issued by understanding the shapes and design structure for each of the parts based on product drawings supplied from client.
"Initial Management Chart" will bring it close to the finished product image, making it possible to evaluate client satisfaction and productivity at this point.
● Mold design satisfying client
We will propose mold with high productivity by consideration the optimal gate position and type using the "3D CAD system" to come up with shape and size precision, and "flow analysis technique" that will establish the moldability.
● Mold production with precision
A mold with high productivity is realized with combination of precise processing data, precise machining, and precise parts.

3. Process Designing

Designing procedures based on
"Production Preparation Plan"

● Planning a schedule for "Production Preparation Plan"
Integrate the setting of quality target and development schedule in accordance with the client's specification, and make the proposal.
● Propose efficient production preparation plan
Plan the procedure design in accordance with "Quality Plan" (operation procedure, inspection procedure, QC procedure chart, and inspection standards), and propose to the client. We also try to generate documents easy to understand for "production staff" to understand by utilizing drawings, symbols, and images.
● Pursuance of high quality by "Process FMEA" achieved by production
"Process FMEA" is "record of previous experiences" achieved from our experiences, allowing us to provide high quality products by preparing optimal tools derived from it.

4. Trial Production

Never-ending pursuit of specification
required by client

● Prediction, verification, and follow-up of test production procedures
Problems are predicted beforehand using the flow analysis software, and by optimizing the gates, it will decrease the test production, resulting to cost reduction, but still pursuing high quality.
● Preparation and verification necessary for mass production
"Decision of mold specification" and "decision and preparation of product specification" will be performed to comply with client requirement, resolving the problems for each part, and prepare for the mass production.
● Minimizing the cost
Minimization of the cost is proposed by establishing optimal conditions for client requirement, by decreasing the defect and considering the productivity.

5. Quality Evaluation

Guarantee the precision of the product

● Quality evaluation in each steps
High quality test production and validation is created by evaluating the quality at the development phase based on the "QC Procedure Chart".
● Detailed quality evaluation by machine
Confirmation of dimension required by client is done to the point impossible by human eyes using automatic measuring devices and 3D measuring devices.
● Reliability test required by the client
To guarantee the test product quality, reliability test will be performed to confirm the required quality.

Production Flowchart

1. Molding

Realizing high-level quality, stable supply
and diversification by full automation.

● Compatible to molding various material
All the molding equipment is compatible to various resins, such as SUS and glass fibers, by using wear and corrosion resistant cylinders and screws.
● Quality management and pursuing production efficiency by the facility monitor system
Stable production is made possible by utilizing functions such as "mold condition history" and "alarm analysis".
It has realized smooth production procedures by understanding the operation results.

2. Coating

Assuring good yield by thorough cleanness

● Fully automated coating robot facility and peripherals
Pursuing of high quality and laborsaving are promoted by maintaining cleanness with unmanned facilities such as coating robots, automatic insert, ejection conveyor, etc.
● Sharing of teaching program data compatible to diversified designs
Superior coating technique is established by sharing data over the network with overseas bases.
● Global environment is considered too
Amount of thinner purchased is reduced to one fourth by the thinner reprocessing device, and we have achieved zero disposal of thinner.

3. Printing

Technology compatible to complex forms such
as curved surface

● Production design pursuing for zero defect
Printing methods and specification of the setting jigs are considered for each product, pursuing for zero defect by optimizing the process.
● Speedy handling by internal management
We can handle integrated processing of "molding" to "printing" by possessing our own "screen press" and "pad press".
Also by handling the production and maintenance of receiving jig for printing, we can handle the trial production and process enhancement immediately.
● Maintenance of operational environment
We are compatible to the parts requiring clean environment for solid printing by providing clean booth and anti-static devices.

4. Laser Marking

Precise processing enabling diversified designs

● Creation of data compatible to diversification of characters and  languages
Data is shared with the overseas Production Base by the network, establishing superior marking process techniques.
● Realization of appropriate marking using dedicated jigs
Character position technique is established by designing the jigs in-house.

5. Assembling

Steady supply by fusion of human and machine

● Flexible integrated production
Manufacturing system capable of reducing the lead time, multiproduct and small lots is established by integrated manufacture.
● Harmony and fusion of human and machine
High quality products are provided by realizing steady and trusty "production" by fusing human and machine, which has its own role.
● Traceability management of assembly parts
It is possible for immediate traceability by strict lot management.


Quality system pursuing zero defects

● Feelings not allowing compromise
Human feelings are utilized fully by the check items such as "feel", "see", or "hear" in the inspection based on "Inspection Procedures" and "Inspection Specification".
● Feeling of trust by up-to-date image inspection equipment
Reassurance and trust of client is provided by appropriate check system based on the facilities and system considering environment and safety.
● Thorough inspector training
Thorough training is performed based on actual defect samples.